" Living with Cerebellar Ataxia"
Betty Fenner-Davis for Fenner Originale
Fenner Foundation for Cerebellar Ataxia Regeneration
Mother’s Day Jazz & Fashion Show Dinner Extravaganza, Sunday May 11, 2014
To whomever can feel my pain, the urgency, the travesty and the hope I have in God.  I need sponsorships, underwriting, a grand atmosphere, supporting sponsorship vendors and exposure of Cerebellar ataxia as no longer a rare disease to a raging, ravaging and degenerating cellular destruction of our family generation by generation.  After 50 years unrecognized and with no hope of cure nor concern for a holistic approach to a disorder that devastates its victims mind, body and soul, we now have nationally, The Ataxia Foundation, Johns Hopkins Ataxia Center and Movement Disorder Physicians.  It’s time for our own Fenner Foundation to expose hope and support for a better quality of life. This show will help to establish the Fenner Foundation to facilitate dedicated people to assist our needs.
However, the Ataxia Foundation focus is documenting still, looking at stem cell research as the only hope to affect the cell and gene that is defected.  The Johns Hopkins Ataxia Center meets one day a month to document and identify.  What started out with my Dad was a slow degrading of his motor skills and later involved his speech over 30 years, now in our 5th generation, the baby boy born looking normal and healthy, growing to about 2 without walking alone, living until 6 years, 8 months never getting passed walking but tried his best to overcome his trials, struggling to keep up with his brother, a year younger, looking in my eyes for help and comfort.  His mother, also born healthy, was growing til about 22 developing the loss of equilibrium and her son by 29 years old, now in the battle of her life because she has a new complication of an essential tremor of the head which constantly shakes with no control or medication.
We have seven other family members in different stages yet all becoming disabled at rates based on stress management, support and assistance.  The insurance coverage does not respect or cover holistic practitioners, herbal supplements, nutrition, hydro therapy, massage relief, or psychology of accepting the fight of their life with all options available. I have watched and assisted each one work through their dilemmas with doctors, with NO SUCCESS or finding a Champion of Specialization in the field:  to lead the challenge; to care and explore areas to assist us; to live supported while we wait for a cure that is linked to stem cell research. 
There are avenues we could use along the way to allow the disabled to give the body everything it needs to nurture itself:   supply housing for the disabled; support assistance to be fed and bathed; accommodate computer facilitation to be a part of the world around them; and with the expertise of health practitioners, physical, speech and occupational therapists, nutritionists, we can live longer and have better quality of lives.  Even if we know we will lose, we can fight well with dignity and love to enjoy the time we have.  We are a family and we are linked to each other that our future depends on what we learn and do NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!    We cannot wait for doctors or foundations to take CARE of our family.
My uncle came to Johns Hopkins in the 60’s and they still don’t know enough to effect the symptoms today 2014.
I would like to offer my love of art in fashion and need to prepare for future generations to establish The Fenner Foundation to insure support and care while bringing awareness for all that suffer alone.  Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to highlight the works of women that have nurtured us, encourage and bring awareness to our city of the needs of its citizens, bring the corporations that have taken front street to join us in making Baltimore one community giving homage to Mother’s home training.
There will be a Memoir Program booklet with ads, patrons, pictures of the Mothers, winners, etc.
Fenner Originale presents “Mother’s Day Jazz & Fashion Show Dinner “
Featuring Rahmee Michael Davis, solo trumpet, of Earth, Wind & Fire and Phil Collins’ Phenix Horns’ fame.  Debuting his new cd “It’s Alright Already”
Showing Fenner Originale Couture Art Collection Spring 2014,
Special guest Ernestine Shepherd, World’s oldest body builder and Woman of Style
Sunday May 11, 2014
Venue:  The Valley Mansion by Martins, 594 Cranbrook Rd., Cockeysville, MD  21030 410-666-1234
Time:  2pm to 6pm
Betty Fenner-Davis, fashion & costume couture designer for Fenner Originale at www.fenneroriginale.com
I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  Growing up in the Edmondson Village area neighborhoods, my parents came in the 50’s to work at Bethlehem Steel, integrating the block as one of the first black families looking for a better life to raise their children and have been there for over 57 years.
Please see my resume attached for details, however, I have always commuted home to assist my family with all of their issues during my career in fashion and costume design.  I started my business Fenner Originale in 1978 to keep the dying art of couture alive then, bringing it to the everyday people by freelance designing for private clientele for their special occasions.  Now as I have watched the decline of couture access to the people and found loss of the arts in the schools, I think we need to nurture the future of designers. 
This kind of show would facilitate exposure to both needs to fulfill and entertain as well as honor our Mothers’ Day with the kind of love to bring awareness and life to dying issues we all face.  We would give opportunity to honor Mothers with a walk of fame, roses, gift bags of incidentals to nurture as well as information, a chance to win a couture outfit made especially for them raffled at $5 for $500 outfit and a $10 for $1000 outfit by Fenner Originale, a day filled with love adoration and service during a sit down three course dinner, all in their honor.  I use my private clientele to show their original designs along with professional models, prodigy designers of Fenner Originale, skits and live music offered by Rahmlee Michael Davis, trumpeter formerly with Earth, Wind & Fire, Phil Collins and of the Phenix Horns’ fame, www.rahmlee.com. This initial show is a Reunion show to bring all those that have my originals over my 40 year career, since my last show here was at the Renaissance Hotel in 1996.
I would like to use Beauty of Art & Music to balance life and give a better quality of life to all.
Please assist me to make this an annual event we can establish for the future generations to come.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Betty Fenner-Davis
Fenner Originale