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This 2014 is time to get serious about Cerebellar Ataxia
that is robbing me of my family.  The hereditary disease
causes a slow degeneration of the cerebellar that controls the motor skills.  The medical professionals have no cure or answers to assist in living with the symptoms.
My family has lost my dad at 71, my three sisters Vernell at 58, Christine at 62 and Theresa at 57.  Now suffering
are my next generation nephews and grandniece and nephews where the effects are coming earlier in their twenties.  We have lost two of the grand generation at 35 and 6 just last October 2012. 
I would like to establish the Fenner Foundation to help find a cure and create a quality of living with the complications to focus on relieving stress, support a live-in care giver, facilitate bathing, eating healthy meals, physical therapies both hydro-therapy and massage and handicapped apartments to be safe.  These are the obstacles we face as we wait for attention of major medical advances involved in stem cell research. 
This is Ahmad Ellijah Wheatley, our fourth generation lost his battle October11, 2012 at 6 years old.

Memoir Program Booklet offers a chance to commemorate the day of honoring mothers with family pictures, memorials, salutes, patron ads, community ads, vendor ads, show resources and in a special limited edition. We are offering $100 full page, half page, quarter and eighth size pages, special offers for back, inside back cover. Please complete ad copy and pay by April 15, 2014.
For details contact Fenner Originale 818-726-7627

To underwrite, sponsor and participate to bring awareness to Cerebellar Ataxia and the
needs to survive that are not covered by the medical insurance companies, nor recognized
by medical practioners.  We need champions in the ataxia field with a burning desire to find a
way to help the body help itself, commitment to live a healthy life with whatever it takes to
meet our needs of daily living.  We need dedicated therapists to work with us daily training aids
to keep the muscles tone and assist transferring safely alone.  Computer mutations to accommodate voice command and interaction ability to communicate globally.  Daily body massage, weekly hydro therapy, oxygen therapy, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins,
herbal supplements, acupuncture, yoga, etc to fuel the body with all it needs to support balance and nutrition that we may live without fear of the unknown but strengthened for victory for the next generation to live better and last longer until the stem cell research can affect the gene in our DNA.
We need the Kangen Water systems for each household; aids for assistance to eat, bathe, dress, walk
and transfer; hoya lifts, bathing apparatus and a nutritionist cook to teach aids as well as life alert monitoring.
A family in distress, we have to take our care into our own hands, as we have spent 50 years in the dark, losing
eight members from complications of a rare disease called cerebellar ataxia with no connection to management or
understanding the magnitude of the generations it would affect.  Now we need to stand together and
learn everything we can to fight for the length and quality of our lives.
Good health will slow the degeneration of the cell and give us a chance to live with hope.