Fenner Originale

by Betty Fenner-Davis

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Wardrobe Consultant

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Image & Concept Analyst

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Ernestine Shepherd's Couture Active wear
Woman of Style

Ernestine "Ernie" Shepherd's Signature line Determined Dedicated Disciplined To Be Fit" of workout tee shirts

Join Ernestine in 2020
to make this year the
Year To Be Fit!

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Betty Fenner-Davis in Fenner Originale Heritage Line from the Kente of Ghana Rahmlee Collection

Film Costume Designer:
:TGAH2008" Web series
"Hard Justice" Nu Image
"Book of the Dead" History Channel Morningstar Ent
"Dillenger" Morningstar Ent.
"Templars" Morningstar Ent.
"Apocolypse" Morningstar Ent.
"Rivals of Jesus" Morningstar Ent
"The Gifted"
"Hatshepsetu" pilot
Episodes of "America's Most Wanted" Television
"Drop Squad", wardrobe sup.
"Five Heartbeats"
"Meteor Man"
"Artist Journey"
"The Agency" tailor
"Abby" tailor
Fenner Originale Costumes
featured in films:
"Malcolm X" zoot suits
"Under the Stairs"
"Bojangles" Fannie
"Five Heartbeats" Diahann Carroll
"Meteor Man" ABC
Fenner Originale Costumes featured in television shows:
"Rythym & Blues" Anna Horsford, Troy Curve'
"Ryan's Hope"
"General Hospital"
"One Life to Live"
"Young and the Restless"
"Living Single"
"Different World"
"Fresh Prince"
"Family Matters"

I've been teaching costume design at Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts over the past 10 years in Georgetown, DC. It has been a privilege and an honor to be invited to re establish a state of the art curriculum in costume design and all of its components to create a community of industry professionals.  To mentor and nurture the next generation of skilled artisans to enjoy the fruits of our labor, continue the art of technical design and production at the entry level to inspire and educate at the high school level for focused aspiring professionals.  They will be able to collaborate with professional crews to complete the production efficiently.  I look forward to hearing from any and all that can contribute to this opportunity to support those that are underprivileged and undeserved in our community because they all have something valuable to contribute to our society and history.
This last three years in the newly renovated and state of the art architecture have been exciting as we all seek support for the arts departmental needs in supplies, equipment, sufficient electrical and wifi availability to the costume shop to give the students the most professional example and atmosphere to learn their crafts while working with the professional shows brought to the beautiful venues the building houses.  So we have great expectations as each year has opened more interest to build what only dedicated, determined and disciplined supporters of the arts can do.  We know the possibilities, I came to share with the students the life I found in costume and fashion design.  Join me in establishing my Fenner Originale legacy in Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Technical Design and Production Department, Costume Design Instruction.    
Fenner Originale in honor of our 40 year Collaboration celebrates Ernestine Shepherd, world's oldest female body builder, Guinness Book of Wold Record Holder, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Body Building Trainer, Woman of Style by Fenner Originale and my friend, we bring to the public the opportunity to share being Determined Dedicated Disciplined To Be Fit together in 2020. 
Fenner Originale Store is open!!!  Our first item for sale is Ernestine "Ernie" Shepherd's Signature line  "Determined Dedicated Disciplined To Be Fit" Workout tee shirts!!! All other items and services for couture, embellishments and alterations will follow as we grow in 2020....