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Rahmlee Collection


The Rahmlee Collection by Fenner Originale was inspired by Rahmlee Michael Davis, trumpet of the Phenix Horns, formerly with Earth, Wind & Fire and Phil Collins' numerous greatest hits as well as having played with many many artists.  

Kente cloth of Ghana was selected because of its quintessential value to our African American culture linking us to a personal and economic heritage commitment.  The kente cloth traditionally was hand loomed by the men of the family, creating a one of a kind pattern significant to only their family.

Fenner Originale incorporating the Ghanian kente cloth with the luxurious silks, cottons and wools worldwide in contemporary American-European high fashion styles that we use in our everydaylife as well as for our special occasions............

We created your heritage pieces esssential to your contemporary wardrobe reflecting your values.

Included in the line are Kente baseball caps, kente with leather belts, kente suspenders, neck ties, bow ties, hankerchiefs,vests, shirts, pants, jackets, as well as your custom formal tuxedo.

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