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This is my Heritage Line created to explore ancestral fabrications, to establish meaning to our evening wear, to celebrate our accomplishments, influence fashion, as well to wear our heritage in creation of the return on investing in our culture from Africa to American.

I have used the Kente' cloth hand loomed in Ghana, Mudd cloth of Mali, Asoke of Nigeria as well as other unique and indigenous fabrications of Africa to incorporate into our lives.

There is a spiritual meaning to everything a person creates by hand and to pass it on for

us to use that represents us in ways that create an aura and confidence in any arena.

I have offered this opportunity to all who endeavor to research their ancestry to find the fabrications that comprise their story, incorporating articles into fashion from your personal history to use in your image projected to the world about who we are...

This was just the beginning....1990 from the Rahmlee Collection by Fenner Originale

The Fenner Originale Afrocentric Heritage Line 

Original Couture Samples for Sale and Special Order 

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